Character Power Levels Explanation

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Character Power Levels Explanation

Post by Shia LaBeouf on Sat Mar 14, 2015 2:45 am

On the Superhuman Nexus; characters are classified by three separate sets of power levels, known as Perceived Power, Actual Power, and Usefulness. Perceived Power is the deadliness of a character on their most basic level, taking into consideration nothing but their skills, powers, and general equipment. Actual Power adds in personality, more specialized equipment, and in some cases, prep time. Usefulness is an added measure used to prove a characters value, for example, a character who can go through memories would be next to useless on a Perceived and Actual level, however, their Usefulness rating would be higher.

Perceived Power Tiers
Level 9: Essentially your average civilian. Normal strength, speed, stamina, agility, what have you. Run of the mill. If any powers are held by one in this class they can do little with them in a combat situation.
Examples in Comics: Lois Lane, Mary Jane Watson, J.J. Jameson

Level 8: Capable of dispatching a few street level thugs at a time. Strength, speed, stamina typically above that of a normal person, combat training is possible. Powers are weaker, and tend to only supplement their bodies normal capacity, however do maintain small usefulness in a fight.
Examples in Comics: Kickass and Hit-Girl, Toad(X-Men)

Level 7: Capable of taking out countless street level thugs, combat training or meh to decent combat powers a must at this level.
Examples in Comics: Batman, Moon Knight, Gallahad(Kingsman),Daredevil, Catwoman

Level 6: At the point where they count up groups of thugs they've taken down per fight rather than number of individual thugs per fight. Tough bastards, a cut above even peak human condition.
Examples in Comics: Deathstroke, Captain America, Go-Go Tamago(Big Hero Six)

Level 5: Strong heroes. Street thugs more of a training exercise than a threat, at most times. Can reliably protect or attack a large amount of people at a time.
Examples in Comics: Spiderman, Ice Man, Bane, Starfire(Teen Titans 2003)

Level 4: Very powerful, considered some of the best in class.
Examples in Comics: Static(Static Shock TV Show), Red Tornado, Carnage, Scarlet Witch, Rouge

Level 3: World renown for their ability. Massively powerful.
Examples in Comics: Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Zatana, Storm

Level 2: Capable of protecting or destroying entire planets, solar systems, or galaxies.
Examples in Comics: Raven, Green Lantern, The Flash, Thanos(No Infinity Gauntlet), Superman, The New Gods

Level 1: Cosmically Powerful beings. Gods.
Examples in Comics: Infinity Gauntlet Thanos, Galactus, Franklin Richards, The Beyonder

Actual Power

Level 5: Average idiot. No planning, no special equipment. Usually not able to come up with strategies on the fly, any way.
Examples in Comics: Jubilee, Deadpool, Beast Boy

Level 4: Reasonable plan making skill. Doesn't usually pack a plan, but when they do it's pretty darn good, good at plans on the fly.
Examples in Comics: Spiderman, Rorschach, Black Panther

Level 3: Very good planning, often giving them a victory.
Examples in Comics: Superior Spiderman, Bruce Banner, Joker

Level 2: Their planning allows them to take down enemies many times strong than them.
Examples in Comics: Superior Iron Man, Batman, Doctor Strange, Ozymandias

Level 1: The combination of their equipment and planning, in addition to natural prowess, makes them a force to be reckoned with.
Examples in Comics: Ultimate Reed Richards, Darkseid


Level 4: Useful in specific situations.
Examples in Comics: Toad, Matter Eater Lad, Beast Boy, Dog Welder

Level 3: Useful in ways that can be applied to several situations.
Examples in Comics: Spiderman, Batman, The Question

Level 2: Useful in pretty much every situation.
Examples in Comics: Kitty Pride, Mystique, Zatana

Level 1: Incredibly useful, useful in virtually any situation. Usefulness exceeds all standards.
Examples in Comics: Prof. Xavier, Green Lantern
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