Character Creation Rules

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Character Creation Rules

Post by Shia LaBeouf on Sat Mar 14, 2015 1:44 pm

Rules of Character Creation:

1) Even though this was already stated in the rules, each person starts out with three active character slots. Meaning only three character may be RPed with at any given time. Using the money earned from posting and creating topics you can buy two more slots, making is possible to RP with five characters at any given time. You also start with five slots for characters that can be held out on rotation, for your use to swap out with your active characters. Using the aforementioned money, you can buy infinite slots to store your characters with.

2) No ripoffs. All original characters here, folks. If your guy walks, talks, and looks like Batman, he's probably a rip off.

3) At the top of your post, be sure to note which character you are using.

4) New members with new characters may not start their characters above the Perceived Power Level of 6. Old members with new characters can not start above Level 5, however, CAN be granted special admin permission to create a character with higher Perceived Power.

5) Perceived Power can be very slowly be gained through roleplay- If you feel you are due for a power up, please contact a moderator or admin and have a conversation about it. Depending on the jump in power, bigger or smaller portions of the moderation team will be involved in the decision.
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