The History

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The History

Post by Shia LaBeouf on Sun May 17, 2015 2:42 pm

Part One: The Nexus Incident

In the year 2007, the Nexus Corporation formed. A coalition of scientists interested in using their knowledge for the 'betterment of society', of course, they intended to pad their pockets along the way. They didn't have many notable break through. A few beauty products, a half rate exosuit for the military that's now being used as a commercial cargo lifter. Bits and pieces that no one ever really noticed.
Until the year 2019, that is. Nexus Corp. announced that they were working on what they called an 'advanced steroid'. They claimed to have identified several parts of the human genome, that if stimulated in conjunction, would give the user extremely powerful physical capability. No one really believed them, until they presented a 'proof of concept' to their investors which leaked over the internet. A test subject was filled with nanobots that electrically stimulated parts of his brain, allowing the man to do things such as lift cars and run at speeds clocking in at over 60 miles per hour. The public was astounded, and Nexus set to work on getting a version that would work in a serum- and permanently.
After a grand total of three years of painstaking effort, a prototype for the product was made, and tested on a half dozen people. They all became... Monsters is the only word for it. Something was wrong with the serum, causing the people to become hideously deformed. Public perception of Nexus took a nosedive as the scientists tried to fix it.
In the first days of year 2023, the CEOs of Nexus Corp. decided to cut their losses by... Collection on insurance. They hired a few arsonists under the table to torch and burn the property, so that they could rake in the insurance cash and start a-new.
What they didn't realize is that this burning released the formula into the air. It was carried into the nearby tristate area of Torgan- Three cities received a full blast of chemical, turning some into monsters- But giving some incredible powers, flight, superspeed, ice powers, and many more. After the initial gassing of the cities the gaseous form of the formula drifted into the upper atmosphere. Occasionally it recollects in small 'clouds' and another area will get a dose of it.

Part Two: Welcome to the Jungle

People were not immediately aware that the gas had created superhumans. Most thought it was a terrorist attack- No one was sure what had happened, why, or what it had done to people. Not until three days later, anyway.
There was a kid who was afflicted by the formula- and he didn't like his principal very much. He punched some knucklehead in the face and was called to the principals office. The kid put his hands on the principals head, and fried his brains with electricity. National News stations were there within the hour, reporting the kids deed and his strange, almost supernatural 'powers'. Quickly, other cases began springing up. A man who could shoot fire from his hands robbing a bank. Some prick stealing a several ton cargo crate with his bare hands.
People were afraid of these new "Super Humans". No one had any idea what to do- The police were damn near helpless against them. Was any solution in sight?

Part Three: Vigilant

No solution was making itself available to the increasing number of superhuman attacks and crimes. SWAT Teams, Riot Squads, The National Guard- They couldn't stop them, and nobody could. Until the Vigilantes started showing up. No one really wore fancy costumes, in the beginning. Most just had simple shirt, pants, and a mask so nobody knew who they were. The Vigilantes- whoever they were, whatever their cause was, were clearly disorganized. Simply a bunch of people having the same idea at around the same time. They went out there, and beat the shit out of superhuman criminals. For the first month and a half, they were mostly only called 'Vigilantes'. Soon, people started calling them 'Heroes'.

Part Four: A New World

The next year and a half was a blur. Vigilantes started to phased out, getting replaced with more 'Heroes'. People in masks and costumes(some of them have capes, as impractical as it may be...) who stood up for the greater good. Superhuman crime still exists, of course. In Kethorga a dozen or so city blocks are owned by a guy named Kenny- Thousands of guys named Kenny, actually, all controlled by the head Kenny, but that's a story for another time. In plenty of places there are superhuman gangs. But equally so, there was some places that have teams of heroes- The only really prominent one of these 'teams' are The Paragons, based out of Lucran. They have just under a hundred members, dedicated to promoting peace, and justice.
Also in Lucran, The Nexus Corporation is beginning to resurface. They paint themselves as a 'relief group' now, focused on helping young superhumans find their path in life, and raking in some big profits while they do.
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